Watch Bruce Lee spar with his protégé Ted Wong

Sifu Wong studied more hours privately with Bruce Lee than any other first generation instructor.

Bruce Lee’s Ranking System

3rd rank is considered the highest level (See Certificate)

Sifu Wong certified Sifu Michael Gonzales as a 3rd rank.

“Our Association is committed to teaching and promoting the authentic training, self-defense and conditioning techniques founded by Bruce Lee.”

– Sifu Michael Gonzales

Sifu Ted Wong’s Private Training with Sifu Michael Gonzales


“At the beginning you learn a lot of stuff, at the end throw it away, once you have enough and understand you begin to refine, after understanding comes refinement.”

– Sifu Ted Wong

Sifu Michael Gonzales teaching class.

Demonstrating hook kicks, trapping hands. Lecture topics-JKD philosophy, techniques, conditioning and footwork.

“Jeet Kune Do is influenced by three arts-Boxing, Fencing and Wing Chun Gung Fu. Technique includes condensed movements. Initially it may seem challenging. Proper execution of a technique includes conditioning, speed, great variety and quick changes. It is explosive. Stay relaxed when executing, don’t think-just like when we blink our eyes.”

– Sifu Michael Gonzales

Jeet Kune Do "Way of the intercepting fist"