Bruce Lee training with his protégé Ted Wong

Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do is Ted Wong’s understanding, refinement and teachings of  Jeet Kune Do as it was taught to him by Bruce Lee.  He has not added anything except time and dedication in personally understanding more of the art from decades of training and through his teachings. It is the most authentic teaching you will ever receive to Bruce Lee’s original teaching and training. Sifu Wong studied with Bruce Lee during the final stages of JKD’s refinement as an effective combat art. Mr. Wong was the only person to have studied with Bruce Lee privately during the latter stages of JKD development. It is documented through Bruce Lee’s personal diaries, that Sifu Wong studied more hours privately with Bruce Lee than any other first generation instructor.

Michael Gonzales met Ted Wong in the mid 1980’s in Virginia at a JKD seminar. It took 9 months for Mr. Wong to accept him as a student. Thereafter, Mr. Gonzales studied for decades in private sessions with Mr. Wong and conversed weekly by telephone. Sifu Gonzales’ commitment to honor Sifu Wong, Bruce Lee and JKD was to develop the Dallas school as an elite JKD training institution. On April 29, 2000 Mr. Wong certified Mr. Gonzales as a JKD 3rd rank instructor (Sifu). 3rd rank is considered the highest level in Bruce Lee’s ranking system. (See Certificate)

Sifu Wong had a special affinity for the Dallas school. He met his family members and respected the family’s background in pugilism (military and non-military), patriotism, athletic training and conditioning. Sifu Gonzales’s curriculum for his instructors included 45 minutes jump rope, heavy bag training, speed bag, full contact sparring, chi sao/sensitivity drills and abdominal work,. Kicks and punches were timed per minute for three minute rounds. A minimum threshold was required to become a certified instructor. The training was an elite, national quality standard. This is why Sifu Gonzales’ instructors are qualified to teach as they truly understand the foundation of JKD techniques. JKD techniques are comprised of small movements which require tremendous speed, agility, accuracy and balance. Only through high level conditioning and repetition can one understand and experience the execution of a JKD kick or punch as taught by Bruce Lee.