You could also call this heading “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” Jeet Kune Do or (JKD) is Bruce Lee’s Art. It is a way of looking at combat without being limited by any approach. JKD became Bruce Lee’s personal expression of combat. Authentic JKD practitioners use the fundamental structure developed by Bruce Lee that was based on simplicity and directness to find a way to express ourselves in combat and in life as well.

Do not expect Bruce Lee like results, unless you are willing to put in the Bruce Lee like hours to obtain them.  My personal experience and training has taught me that before you train the body, you must first train the mind.

Bruce Lee wrote that the roots of JKD involves Bai-Jong, footwork, mobility, high level conditioning, body alignment and coordination. What I teach emanates directly from Bruce Lee to my Instructor, Ted Wong, then to me. The principles are pure Jeet Kune DoI am a second generation Certified Instructor under Bruce Lee’s JKD, and first generation Certified Instructor under Sifu Wong (See Certificate), JKD seeks simplicity as Bruce taught.   If one is not in good shape, one cannot properly execute the moves. In pure JKD, Sifu Wong taught that over 50% involves extraordinary conditioning.

Conversely, as Sifu Ted Wong reiterated to me-“A teacher or student cannot properly understand or teach the art unless they have personally experienced professional level conditioning through a bona fide instructor.” “One cannot teach proper execution of a punch or kick, unless they have experienced it. For we cannot teach something we do not understand or have experienced ourselves.”

This is why we implemented the highest standards of conditioning at our school under Sifu Gonzales’ leadership.  As a direct descendant from Sifu Ted Wong, I personally set the example as he did for me. Sifu Gonzales’ curriculum required all senior instructors to perform 45 minutes of jump rope, 12 rounds on the heavy bag, speed bag, footwork, sit-ups and active sparring.

JKD is a step-by-step process and each maneuver must be repeated thousands of times. The Authentic JKD Association seeks to preserve the key ingredients that Bruce Lee taught to his first generation students and as Sifu Ted Wong taught me.

Sifu Wong is in Bruce’s first four original books and was his protege. JKD is not a sport and properly prepares the student to neutralize the attacking opponent(s) in one to three moves.

AJKD Association authentic teachings from Sifu Wong and Sifu Gonzales:

  • JKD is a highly scientific approach to the Martial Arts.
  • In JKD we begin not by accumulation, but by eliminating “inefficient moves” – a self discovery element that involves a shedding process.
  • JKD is an expression of the self.
  • JKD is offensive, yet flexible to defensively adapt to the moves of the opponent.
  • JKD involves becoming one with your opponent. It means “Way of the Intercepting Fist.” You become one with your opponent’s moves.
  • JKD is a process is of self-discovery and enlightenment. We do not incorporate any other art or combat method into our curriculum so that the practitioners can fully experience the beauty and brilliance that Bruce taught.

Recommended books to read by priority


Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Vol. 1

Self-Defense Technique 

(Cover models: Bruce Lee and Sifu Ted Wong)


Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Vol. 2

Basic Training

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Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Vol. 3

Skill in Techniques

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Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Vol. 4

Advanced Techniques

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