Wing Chun is the nucleus of Jeet Kune Do which is actually learned and used by Bruce Lee. It is a type of martial arts that is focused on philosophy and practical fighting skills. Bruce Lee developed Jeet Kune Do based on his philosophy of moving fluidly and fighting experiences. Today, many people are interested in learning continue reading
To proceed with actual Jeet Kune Do, one must at least practice its basic stance and its proper footwork. This article provides basic techniques of Jeet Kune Do as practiced by the master Michael Gonzales from Dallas who presently continues Bruce Lee’s legacy by teaching Authentic Jeet Kune Do. The Basic Stance Start by putting your continue reading
We face several people in our daily life. We must develop strength and firmness to cope up with the ups and downs of our life in a manly manner. This is the only way to reach the horizons. A person must prepare himself mentally as well as physically in order to deal with the shackles continue reading