Bruce Lee’s Biography

Bruce Jun Fan Lee was born in San Francisco in the hour and the year of the Dragon, a powerful symbol in Chinese astrology and a strong omen of the life he was to live.

Raised in Hong Kong, Bruce began diligently studying Chinese gung fu at the age of 13. He soon realized that the value of martial arts training was found in the confidence it instilled instead of the need to defendone’s honor through fighting.

During that time, he also developed interests in dancing and acting. The graceful movements he’d mastered in martial arts lent themselves to him being a terrific dancer, and Bruce’s early love of acting led to appearances in 20 films before leaving Hong Kong.

In 1959, at the age of 18 with $100 in his pocket, Bruce headed back to San Francisco. In the years that followed, he majored in philosophy at University of Washington, supported himself as a dance instructor and gung fu teacher, met and married his wife Linda, and opened multiple martial arts schools on the west coast.

Fate stepped in when Bruce’s otherworldly gung fu skills collided with an opportunity to return to acting in the 1966 TV series “The Green Hornet”. The birth of his two children, film roles catapulting him to success, writing, directing and developing his own martial art of “Jeet Kune Do” continued to fill his years until 1973, when he died in Hong Kong from an allergic reaction to a pain medication. Lee was 32.

The actions of the Bruce Lee Foundation continue to ensure Bruce Lee remains one of the most relevant sources of inspiration, motivation, and honest self-expression to millions around the globe.

Martial Arts – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

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