It’s a common misconception that filtering and putting together the best out of mixed martial arts is Jeet Kune Do. How would JKD become different this way? The correct definition of JKD is, actually known by very few skillful people who understood the philosophy behind its invention. So, what’s, in fact, Jeet Kune Do?

Bruce Lee

Hong Kong-American actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher. Founder of Jeet Kune Do.

A particular system or technique that increases the efficiency of moves. This is the simplest yet most accurate definition anyone could ever use to define JKD. A JKD man or women’s moves are identical and completely distinguishable from other martial arts, however, most effective among all.

The moves are explosive, fast and laced with power! A practitioner that weighs 160 pounds can punch with the power of a 265 pound athlete!

Bruce Lee, who is the founder of this minimal energy, maximum output martial arts philosophy. He first assembled and modified the most economical moves and took them to the next level by introducing fast, simple, direct punches and kicks that are able to quell the opponent in one hit.

The real beauty of JKD lies in its low input but high output capability. It focuses on quality rather than quantity. Apart from hard work, you need to do smart work in order to become truly familiar with JKD. For instance, if we talk about punching, there are many styles to do it, each unique in its own way, so in order to become a good martial artist you’d think of practicing those more and more but JKD operates differently. Instead of mastering all the punching styles, a JKD man or woman will try to master the simplicity of the punch deleting all wasted movements and seeks to implement this principle in his or her martial arts journey.



Mr. Gonzales studied for decades in private sessions with Mr. Wong and conversed weekly by telephone. Sifu Gonzales’ commitment to honor Sifu Wong, the Lee family and JKD was to develop the Dallas school as an elite JKD training institution. On April 29, 2000 Mr. Wong certified Mr. Gonzales as a JKD 3rd rank instructor (Sifu). 3rd rank is considered the highest level in Bruce Lee’s ranking system. (See Certificate)

How JKD is different from other Martial Arts – Written by Sifu Gonzales