To proceed with actual Jeet Kune Do, one must at least practice its basic stance and its proper footwork. This article provides basic techniques of Jeet Kune Do as practiced by the master Michael Gonzales from Dallas who presently continues Bruce Lee’s legacy by teaching Authentic Jeet Kune Do.

The Basic Stance

  • Start by putting your dominant foot forward, turning it slightly inward and with knees slightly bent.
  • Your body should face forward with your arms close to your ribs, hands closed, and near to the chin.

Basic Footwork

Forward Shuffle

  • From the basic stance, move your dominant foot half a step forward.
  • Let your rear foot slide up with the balls of your foot onto your dominant foot and position your weight on that foot.
  • Keep your knees relaxed and slightly bent.

Backward Shuffle

  • It is just the opposite of forward shuffle.
  • Your rear foot moves half a step backward while your dominant foot takes the original position of your rear foot.
  • Keep your heel raised.

Punching Techniques

Straight Punch

  • Always start with your basic stance.
  • Get your energy from the ground through your hips by twisting your legs.
  • With your forearm at a 90-degree angle, perform a straight punch using your front arm from the center of your trunk.

Cross Punch

  • Assuming you are in your basic stance, pivot your hips and the sole of your foot of your rear leg.
  • Shift your body forward and perform a straight punch using your rear arm.

These are just some of the techniques of Jeet Kune Do for Beginners involving both upper and lower extremities. Authentic Jeet Kune Do in Dallas teaches more of the details of these techniques lead by the famous head instructor Sifu Michael Gonzales. It’s a form that is very popular due to its origins. It’s one that is worth learning to build physical and mental strength.

Jeet Kune Do Techniques for Beginners

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